Improbotics is a tech-infused improvised comedy show and scientific experiment. An actual artificial intelligence tries to pass as human and make it as an improviser. Our challenging and hilarious task is to attempt to create meaning from AI-generated lines.

Co-created by robotics researchers Piotr Mirowski (UK) and Kory Mathewson (Canada) as well as by drama director Jenny Elfving (Sweden) and science communicator (Belgium) Ben Verhoeven.

NB: This performance is in Swedish. The performance on the the 9th May is in English. OBS! Denna föreställning görs på svenska. Föreställningen den 9 maj är på engelska.

Improbotics Stockholm Improvisers:
Jenny Elfving
Martin Liberg
Maria Lindberg Reinius
Tommy Rydling
Linus Tingdahl
Annika Englund
Caroline Steinholtz
Jutta Diessl
Sandra Jogenby

date: 8 maj
time: kl 19:00-21:00
price: 220 SEK
students: 175 SEK
venue: Skånegatan 63 (T-bana Medborgarplatsen/Skanstull)